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How to Play

Though rummy is popular worldwide in India, it is the favourite card game for most people. One just can't wait to come back again once they play this game. It is easy and fun and hence people love it a lot. Well, not everybody knows how to play it and not everybody has some expert family members to teach them, that is why they come to the Internet searching for the tips and tricks. We are here to help you as well. Here, we will tell you everything you need to know to be able to play a good rummy or at least get started with it.

To know any game, it is important that we know every aspect of it. Everything that is used for the game, what they are called, what are the rules and how we can use them. With rummy as well, before we get started with how to use cards and bets wisely to make money or win in a friendly game, you need to know what you will be doing with the cards and what are some of the cards called. Also, it is important that you know what your end-goal for a game is. Like in cricket, if you are batting in the first innings, you want to make enough runs for the second team to not be able to beat it and if you are batting in the second innings, you need to score more runs than what the first team did. Here, you know your ultimate goal. If you just kept batting without any goal in mind, it would be clear that you do not have enough knowledge. So, the objective of the game is important information. Here is the information related to the rummy that you will need.

The objective of the rummy game

So, as you know that a card set has 4 suits of 13 cards each. Well, the number 13 is the catch here. You will get 13 cards that you will have to arrange in some order. To win a rummy game, you need to have at least 2 sequences to be made up of those 13 cards in your hand. Also, one of them shall be a proper sequence. The other one though can be any valid sequence or set. Remember that to make a rummy declaration, you need a proper sequence in hand or your declaration will be declared invalid.

Proper sequence: the proper sequence is a sequence where you have cards from the same suit formed up in a chronological sequence of cards. It can be A,2,3 or 5,6,7,8 or any such order. But remember that a proper sequence is only when the cards are of the same suit. Also, for any sequence to be valid there must be three or more cards in it. Here, those cards must be of the same suit or otherwise it would not be called a pure or proper sequence. It is easy if you get a joker or a wild card in a game but you can not use them for forming this sequence.

Impure sequence: the impure sequence is quite like the pure sequence except for the fact that you can use a joker or a wild joker to form this sequence. You can use the joker to replace a missing number in the sequence or increase the sequence as per your requirement. For example, you have the cards 2, 3 and 5 of the same suit ( say spades ) and you are missing the card 4 here to form the sequence. You can use the joker and you will have a sequence. Also, there is always a card used as a joker in rummy games that is called a wild joker, you can use that card to take the place of the missing card in your sequence as well. For example, suppose 9 of clubs is the wild card in the game. Then, if you have 2,3, and 5 of spades with you, then you can use the 9 of clubs in this sequence to complete it.

What is a wild joker?

Well, in any rummy deck, there is obviously a printed joker and then there is a card that we can use as a joker. That card is chosen at random at the beginning of the game. Both these cards are used in a similar manner. They can be used to form a sequence or a set. They are acceptable in any rummy game all over the world.

Invalid declaration in rummy

Well, as mentioned in the objective section it is possible that you call up for a rummy declaration but they declare it invalid. There could be multiple reasons for that to happen. Also, if your declaration is not valid, you do not just win but your partner automatically wins it without continuing the game further. Here are the reasons why your declaration could be termed invalid:

  • Wrong declaration with an invalid set: a set is formed with cards of the same value but different suits. Now, it can happen that your set has 3 or more cards of the same value but there are two cards of the same suit, there your set will be declared invalid. Also, if you have a wild card in your set, it will be a valid set as long as there are no cards of the same suit even of different colours.

           Examples: 3 of spade, 3 of clubs, wild card, 3 of spade, 3 of hearts

  • Declaration with an invalid sequence: the invalid sequence is the one that does not adhere to the guidelines for proper or impure sequence. A sequence where you have put cards in an order where there are 2 cards of different colours or suits because for a sequence there must be cards of the same suit. While you can use a wildcard to replace the missing card but not in the pure sequence.

How to create perfect sets?

After forming a sequence, it is essential to learn what a set is. A set is basically a group of 3 or 4 cards that have the same value but come from different suits. The player is allowed to make use of one or more Joker cards to complete a set. Once the player is successful in arranging these sets appropriately, after declaring the cards it is easy to win the game.


  1. AA♣A (all Aces from different suits make a valid set)
  2. 4 4♣ PJ 4 (printed joker has been used to substitute 4♠ in the set)
  3. 9 Q♠ 9♠ 9 (Q♠ has been used as a wild joker substituting 9♣ to make a set)


The set can be formed with the same cards from different suits but two or more cards from the same suit cannot be used. If this is done then it makes an invalid declaration.


  1. 444♠ (there are two 4s of the same suit constituting it an invalid set)

Common terms used in Rummy

Before understanding how to win a game of Rummy it is very important to understand the common terms which are used in a game of Rummy.

  1. Rummy Table

This is where the Rummy game is played where 2 to 6 players can play for a single game.

  1. Sorting of cards

This is done at the start of the game to arrange the cards so that the player can easily form their sets and sequences

How to Form sequences?

In the card game Rummy, you can form the sequences by using three or more cards that are consecutive in order and are from the same suite. However, it is a must to have at least one of those as a pure sequence in your rummy hand in order to win the game. So, now the question arises that What is a Pure Sequence and What is an Impure Sequence? The answer to these questions are described as follows:

  • What is a Pure Sequence?

A pure sequence can be generated by the help of three or more cards of the same suite. In the pure sequence, you can not use any Joker or wild cards to make a sequence pattern. Thus, it makes it a little tough to make them.

A few examples of the pure sequence are as follows:

  1. 6, 7, 8:

It is a pure sequence as the cards are from the same suite and no Joker or wild cards are being used.

  1. 5♠, 6♠, 7♠, 8♠:

It is a pure sequence as the cards are from the same suite and no Joker or wild cards are being used.

  • What is an Impure Sequence?

An impure sequence can be generated by the help of three or more cards of the same suite along with the use of one or more Joker or wild cards. These are required to be wisely used according to the requirements.

A few examples of the impure sequence are as follows:

  1. 8, 9, Q♠, J:

It is an impure sequence as three cards are from the same suite and Q♠ is used as a wild card in the place of 10.

  1. Q, 3♠,  4♠, PJ, 6♠:

It is an impure sequence as three cards are from the same suite and Q is used as a wild card in the place of 2♠ along with a printed joker that is placed in the place of 5♠.

How to form Sets?

In rummy, you can make sets using three or more cards of the same value irrespective of their suits. You can use the Jokers and wild cards during the formation of suits.

Some of the examples of the set are as follows:

  1. 88♣ 8♠ 8:

It is a rummy set formed with four 8 cards of different suites.

  1. 6Q♠ 6♠ 6:

It is a rummy set formed with Q♠ as a wild joker in place of 6♣ to make a set.

  1. 55♣ Q♠ PJ:

It is a rummy set formed with Q♠ as a wild joker in place of 5♠ and a printed joker in place of 5 to make a set.

  1. 22♣ 2♠ PJ:

It is a rummy set formed with a printed joker in place of 2 to make a set.

  1. 66♣ Q Q♠ PJ:

It is a rummy set formed with Qand Q♠ as a wild joker in place of 6♠ and 6, and a printed joker to complete the grouping of 13 cards.

  • Typical Example:  6789| 2♣ 3♣ 4♣ 5♣ | 77♣ QQ♠ PJ

It is a rummy set with a set of 5 cards to complete the grouping of 13 to make a valid declaration.

  • Invalid set example: QQQ

It is an invalid set as it contains two cards of the same suit.

How to play Rummy card game:

These simple instructions will help you out in playing the rummy card game:

  1. Rummy card game is played with two decks of cards among 2 to 6 players. A random card is then selected as a wild joker and each of the players is dealt with 13 cards.
  1. The players are then asked to draw a card and discard one from the deck. The idea is to form valid sets and sequences with the 13 cards. The players are allowed to use jokers and wild jockers to make impure sequences and sets.
  1. According to the rules that are accepted in India, a player needs to arrange 13 cards in 2 valid sequences that must include at least one pure sequence along with other groups (sets and sequences), after this the player should give a declaration to win the game.

Tips and Tricks that will help in the Winning Card Game:

Playing carefully and with complete focus is as much as important as knowing the rules to play the rummy game. Here we are to provide you with quick tips that will help you in winning the rummy game. Knowing them will help you stay a step ahead of your competitors and might lend you towards victory.

  • Try to form pure sequence as soon as the game starts. Without a pure sequence any player can not make a declaration, it would give you an edge in case you have already made it in the beginning.
  • Discard the cards with high points as it helps in reducing the point load. Replace the cards like Ace, Queen, Jack and King with wild cards or jockers. So, in case you are losing the game, you would have lesser points in comparison to others.
  • Try to avoid picking from the pile of discarded cards as they can drag you away towards trying to form the hand you were making.
  • Try to pick the cards that can be used in multiple purposes like a 6 of any suit can be combined with 4 and 5 of the same suite or 7 and 8 of another suite.
  • Try to collect jockers, they can be used for multiple roles and they also reduce the point load. However, keep in mind that they can not be used in pure sequences.

The common terms that are used in Rummy:

Every player should know these common terms as they are used a lot commonly in the Indian gameplay of Rummy.

  • Rummy Table:

Rummy table is the table where the players settle to play the game of Rummy. A rummy table can accommodate two to six players for each game.

  • Draw and Discard:

Every player is given 13 cards in all rummy games. Each player is provided with two stacks to choose from. Thereby you can draw a card and at the same time, the player needs to discard one.

  • Drop:

A drop is when a player decides to leave the game at the start or in the middle of a rummy game. This act is a personal decision to withdraw from the game. The first drop is for 20 points, the middle drop is for 40 points, and the last drop and maximum point loss is for 80 points. For Pool Rummy, in the 101 pool drop rummy, the score is 20. In the case of 201 pool drop rummy, the score for rummy is 25 points. However, the drops are not allowed in the case you are playing the best of two or best of 2 or the best of 3.

  • Joker and Wild Card:

The printed joker in the rummy deck and the randomly selected wild card set at the beginning of the game. The role played by both kinds of the card are the same the only difference being the wild cards change with a new game. These cards are then used to form impure sequences and sets. You can replace a desired number of cards with an available joker. This formation is valid in a rummy game.

  • Sorting of Cards:

Done at the start of the game. Card sorting is done to form sequences and sets with the help of initially available cards. It helps in reducing the possibility of mixing the cards. After you get your cards you can sort them to reduce confusion.

  • Invalid Declaration:

A declaration is termed to be invalid when the players show their cards but do not have valid sequences or sets. In such a case the opponent is automatically declared to be the winner and the player making the wrong declaration is declared a loser.

  • Joining Tournament:

While playing rummy on the online portal, you can go to ‘Tournaments’ at the top bar of the navigation panel. After this, you can choose from the tournament you wish to play. You can join from any of the open tournaments. In the end, click on the Join Tournament button under the details of the selected tournament.

  • Cash Tournament:

The tournaments that are played for real cash are cash tournaments. These tournaments provide real cash prizes (in INR). The tournaments are conducted in knockout stages. In order to play the cash contests, the user is needed to add money to the RummyCircle account.

Directions that come handy while declaring the 13 cards:



SET 1 & SET 2


(Can make to fulfill minimum 2 sequence requirement)

(Can make to complete 13 Cards valid grouping)

Made with 3 or More Cards

Made with 3 or More Cards

Made with 3 or 4 Cards without Joker.

Made with 3, 4 or More Cards with Joker.


Cards of SAME SUIT in SEQUENTIAL ORDER with Wild Card Joker or Printed Joker

Cards of SAME VALUE & DIFFERENT SUIT (2 Cards of same color but different suit can be used Ex - 5♠ 5♥ 5).





Points of the losing player:

The points of the player on the losing side are calculated as follows:



High value cards Ace, King, Queen, Jack

All carry 10 points each

Joker and Wild Cards

Zero points

Other cards

Have point value same as their face value

Example: 8 , 9  10 

8 points, 9 points, 10 points

Losing Player Points:

If the player doesn’t have 2 sequences including a pure sequence           

Value of all cards is added, capped at 80 points

    If the player has formed 2 sequences including pure  sequence  

Value of cards that are not in sequence are calculated

Wrong Declaration

80 points

First Drop

20 points

Middle Drop

40 points

3 Consecutive Misses

Considered as middle drop with 40 points loss

Leave Table

If player leaves table after picking from closed deck, it is considered middle drop. If the player hasn’t picked any card, it is taken as first drop.

In the end, playing rummy is a way of getting all of that cash amount in your personal account.

Pros & Cons

Indian history is connected with deep strings when it comes to playing rummy. The game is very popular in most parts of the country and is often played during the family gathering at times of festive seasons like Diwali. The game is known to have severe impacts in both positive and negative ways. It is a skill-based game that requires intense usage of mind at times to make the best possible moves during gameplay. Rummy is a traditional card game and often dictate the connection of love for cards in Indians. Apart from the traditional gaming, rummy has now surfaced over the online portals where you can virtually play with the cards among players from different nations over a platform. Recent times has seen intense growth in players that are playing it online. There are so many Pros and Cons associated with Rummy, these are described in detail as follows:

Pros of Playing Rummy:

Studies have shown that there are many benefits of playing rummy and playing rummy develops many skills that might not get developed by playing other games. Playing multiple sports from different fields helps in the overall growth of an individual.

Although, there are several positives of playing rummy, here are some of the key reasons as to which rummy is played at such a mass scale and is even promoted in to be played at family gatherings.

Cons of Playing rummy:

Reading these pros might have made a very positive impact on your mind regarding Rummy but not all things come along only with benefits, there have been serious cases in which people have had adverse effects of playing rummy on themselves and their lifestyles.

The key idea is to keep in mind is that Rummy is a game that is meant to be played with the spirit of sportsmanship and meant to spread friendship. Once you forget it and start to play it to get vengeance, generate anger and feeling of hatred. It starts showing its adverse effects and these effects are vital when they are looked over longer periods of time.

Pros and Cons of Rummy Players:

  1. Junglee Rummy:

Junglee Rummy is itself a great experience. The rules of rummy are so complex that it makes you think of multiple consequences of any move and you develop mental dexterity and an ability to calm yourself down during situations that require complex judgements.

  • You need to make the best sequence possible, you have to keep attention on what other players are keeping and throwing out of the deck.
  • Thus, playing rummy can be of great significance in learning these required skills. All of these states that rummy is a game of focus.
  • Playing it may help you increase your abilities to focus on matters that matter the most.
  • It is good to play Rummy unless you play in limits of the amounts that you can spend. If you cross your own limits it can hamper up with your budgets.
  1. RummyCircle:
  • Many people find RummyCircle a bit uneasy. Playing Rummy requires you to have the same level of patience as you are required to have while playing chess.
  • Patience plays a vital role in making the right choices at times and hurrying out might make you lose. This chase sometimes may cause even further losses and thus might result in serious losses.
  • Rummy should not be played with the idea of vengeance in mind as it is good to accept that you have lost and this is not your day to play more. You would just wake up and start playing Rummy and not go to other social events that happen around you.
  • Due to serious engagement, you might turn yourself homesick.
  • A chance to win the extra cash sometimes lures individuals and sometimes cause the reason of serious debts. A game is meant to connect people and should not be treated as a source of vengeance.
  • You might start to worry about your future when you start thinking about the amount of time you would have spent doing something significant. So, proper planning and time allotment from your schedule are necessary when you start to plan to play this game.
  1. Rummy Passion:
  • Rummy Passion is great gameplay. Playing rummy with your family or friends at the time of family gatherings or friendly parties, you get to interact with people around you.
  • Your skills at performing complex tasks improve as you go on with playing rummy. Even if you opt to play online with your friends, it enhances your friendship with people around you which is a must required step in the current scenario where people are often keeping them to themselves.
  • It gives you a chance to open up to people that matter to you. Even if you play rummy online then you are allowed to take some time before making your move as they too understand the significance of patience for the game.
  • The continuous loss might lead you to serious depression. Thus, you must restrict deposits during your gameplay accordingly.
  1. Classic Rummy:
  • What other than playing Classic Rummy can be good? It is known that rummy can help as an escape from your real-life problems and this can, in turn, help you to be away from your problems for some time and happily enjoy with your friends and relatives.
  • Your decision during the gameplay matters a lot as because of the errors made in any single move, you can get to lose the whole game and the money along with it.
  • As you might even have to think twice or thrice before making a play, it is known that decision making is one of the key skills that are required to play the game properly.
  • The idea here is to enjoy the essence of life and celebrate at times so that you can enjoy the colours of life. In totality, playing rummy can act as a true stress buster.
  • Since playing rummy requires your attention throughout the gameplay, you learn to keep focus and attention on the game. You might start underestimating yourself and start to compare your skills with people around you.
  1. Ace2three:
  • Expectations are not met from Ace2three. Playing rummy significantly improves your decision making skill and thus can be very helpful in your day to day life.
  • You need to take care of what might happen next. Its human tendency to chase losses at times when they go on a losing spree.
  • The game is very engaging increases chances of addiction. Continuous gameplay can lead to anxiety, your schedule might go so bad that you won’t be able to complete other important tasks.
  • This enhances your social availability and might improve your skills of connecting to people.
  • It is human nature to think but the idea here is that you need not overthink about the losses of your game. This makes playing Rummy as your habit which is not good as seen from the perspective of the long run.
  • Continuous winnings might make you play more and once it becomes your habit you are not able to control yourself from playing.
  • Continuous gameplay can cause homesickness and make you an outsider from the real world and might not play a good role in your overall mental growth.


How should I begin my game of Rummy?

On the top bar of the website, options for the game are provided on which you are required to enter the game. On choosing Cash Rummy, you can play for real cash which requires you to create an account on the website where you are required to deposit money for the game. If you choose Free to play, then you can play some practice games for free with free chips available on the website.

Where can I play online Rummy?

Everyone has access to the online world, so don’t worry. You can play Rummy from anywhere in the world, provided you have an effective internet connection. To make it more convenient, download a Rummy app and enjoy the game in the comfort of your couch wherever and whenever you prefer. The money that you win in the game is directly transferred to your account online without discounts.

What are the best means to follow to win a game of Rummy?

It is prudent to mention that you should always aim at melding a pure sequence to get a valid declaration. Understand with time as to how to use the joker wisely in the game to win. Always keep a track of the cards that your opponent’s discard and pick so that during the game you don’t gift them the card they desire to win the game. Lastly, always get rid of the high-value cards as early as possible so that even if you lose, you avoid losing by a huge margin.

What is a Rummy table?

This is the table where the players join to play the game of Rummy.

How can I join a Rummy table?

On logging in on the Rummy game website, you are required to select your favorable game which can either be a practice game or a cash game. There are other options available on the site like Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy or Points Rummy where you are required to place a bet amount if you wish to play the game. After doing that you can choose your table and also the number of players you want to play with.

How are cards dealt within Rummy?

Rummy is played by 2 to 6 players with 13 playing cards to each player by the dealer, who is decided by undertaking a toss. One by one, in clockwise order, each player gets to deal cards in the subsequent games.

How would I know that the game has started?

The game requires at least 2 players on the table for it to begin. The timer on the game begins once the minimum number of players join the game. Then a toss is undertaken to set the order of the game. Next, the cards are distributed and the seats are set as per the turn of the players in the game. The game ultimately begins once the card is placed as the joker and another card is placed as the open deck card.

Which is the most famous Rummy strategy?

There are numerous strategies that can be followed to win a game of Rummy. The most preferred one is to discard high-value cards like King, Queen, Jack and Ace which are worth 10 points. If you discard these cards at the beginning itself then you can efficiently minimize your risk of losing by a huge margin against your opponent in the game. 

How will I know that it is my chance to play?

When the green timer circle runs clockwise, you should understand that it’s your chance at the game.

What happens to the game if my internet connection gets lost?

In a situation of connection failure or disconnection, the player gets two turns while waiting for reconnection. If the reconnection still persists, then the game is dropped.

How do I choose my playing table?

Tables in the game are arranged according to the ‘value points’ and the ‘buy-in amount’, so the player has the option to choose the table to play the games accordingly.

When can I make use of a Joker?

In a game of Rummy, the Joker card acts as a trump card which is picked at the beginning of the game. All the cards with that particular number in different suits are regarded as the joker cards. Along with this, there is a card in each suit that has a Joker on it. These cards can be used to form impure sets anytime to win the game.

What happens if the Joker is Joker in Rummy?

If the face Joker comes up as the Joker while playing Rummy, then Ace card ‘A’ is considered as the Joker card in the game.

What happens if I shed the Joker by accident?

If by accident you drop the joker, then the other players cannot choose that joker. In other words, other players cannot pick an opened Joker in the game.

What is draw and discard in Rummy?

When Rummy starts, the players have their cards, and at the center of the table, the stack of cards is placed face down (closed deck) with one card facing up (open pile). Every player is required to select a card from the closed or open deck on their turn, this is known as drawing. When they get rid of any of their cards by placing it on the open deck, then it is called discarding. Thus, in simple words, picking up a card is called drawing and discarding means to get rid of one.

What is a drop in Rummy?

Every player has the choice of whether they wish to play the game or the round before they draw their cards. If they decide to not continue with the game before drawing the card, then it is termed as a drop, an initial drop.

20 points penalty is given when a player drops out of a 101-Pool game and in case of a 201-pool game 25 points penalty is given. The players do not have the option to drop out of the Best of 2 or 3 games.

When can I rejoin on the Rummy table?

A player can join by buying in for the second time and can rejoin provided if the next highest point on the table is more than ‘174 points’ when playing a 201-pool game and not more than ’79 points’ when playing a 101-pool game.

What is Points Rummy?

This is the fastest rummy game which is played at a single level. In this game, the players play for points that already have a predetermined cash value. The winner takes all the cash at the end of the game. It also depends on the points of the opponent player, where the prize money can be calculated as follows:

Total winning = (Total of points lost by opponent players) * (cash value of points) – (Rake value + GST rate).

What is Rake?

Rake is the house rate that is charged to the game per hand. This fee is taken from the pot, where the bets are collected after each betting round. Rake back is a positive tool used by online card game websites as a means to keep long-term, high-volume players habitual to their website. The players obtain a share of their rake reimbursed to their account. This is usually undertaken by the websites on a monthly basis.

How are winning amounts calculated in Rummy?

The Winning amount varies with the games the player plays. In the situation of Points Rummy, the winning amount depends on the points lost by the opponent players in the game. The winning amount is calculated as follows:

Total winning = (Points lost by the opponent players * point value) – (Rake value + GST)

In games of pool and deal rummy, it is contingent upon the entry fee and the number of players in the game. Its calculation is as follows:

Total winning = (No. of players * Entry fee) – (Rake value + GST).