What Are the Interesting Facts of Online Rummy?

What Are the Interesting Facts of Online Rummy?

Rummy is one such game that has got much recognition and high status in recent times. This is particularly because of the game now becoming available online. This has led to increased popularity among those who could not play card games due to the unavailability of any companion to play with. As the game has been one of the most sought-after card games that people across various nations enjoyed playing, the chance to play an online Rummy game even alone has led to a tremendous increase in the number of players who have long waited for something of this sort.  However, there are still some interesting facts about the online rummy game that is unknown to the majority of the players.

The origin of the Game

Although the online rummy game has become a part of many traditions, only quite a few people know about its origin. The game originated from the Chinese game of Mahjong and was later spread to India, Persia, and the European continent but there have also been some other beliefs about the origin of the game. Some people believe that it originated in the 19th century in Spain while there is yet another group that believes its origin from the French Poker game. There are no concrete pieces of evidence that can ridicule other beliefs and neither has any agency confirmed the fact about its origin of the game. 

Most popular card game in the world

In today's era, the game is played on the web the most in India and regardless of the origin, it has received much love from the players. As the Indian culture is all about love and celebration and family reunions, online rummy proves to be the perfect activity to extend such happy times even when the family members are away. Thus, the game is deeply entrenched in the Indian ethos. As a matter of fact, the online rummy game is also the third most popular online game across the globe as it is a stress buster for many. This is so particularly because it is one such platform where like-minded people can socialize with each other thereby becoming a part of one of the greatest online gaming communities in the world. 

Ace as trump or wild card joker

While playing an online rummy game, one card is chosen as the wild card or popularly known among Indians as the trump card.  But in case the selected card is the printed joker, then all aces are to be considered as the wild card jokers. This little-known fact can prove to be quite useful while playing the game of rummy online.

Facts about sequences and set

It is generally assumed that a set of cards is said to be in sequence when there are three or four consecutive cards of the same suite. But it is a little-known fact among the online community of rummy players that a sequence can be of three or more cards. A knowledge of this fact can prove to be quite handy while playing an online Rummy game with real money. Also, it is an interesting fact to note that a set is clearly defined by three or four cards of the same rank but different suits.


As the online rummy game is a skill-based game and not a game of luck, it is knowledge and practice that is required to excel in the game and win real money.

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